• You can enter the Acquatica Park only by paying an entry ticket. You must keep this ticket through the whole stay in the Park and you must show it whenever required by the Staff. A Guest without this ticket can be sent away from the Park.
  • Some of the attractions have specific rules, sometimes limiting the access according to the height, the age, the physical and/or health conditions. Before entering an attraction, please verify the specific rules.
  • It is possible to forbid the access to an attraction 15 minutes prior to the closing time of the Park, in order to let people in line stream within this closing time.
  • Guests are kindly requested to behave politely and respectfully.
  • You have to keep off the grass and the flowers.
  • No access to areas reserved to the Staff only is allowed.
  • It is forbidden to smoke by the pools, on attractions and in nearby areas.
  • It is forbidden to eat by the pools, on attractions and in nearby areas.
  • No access to pets is allowed. Access to bikes, skateboards, rollerblades and similar is also forbidden.
  • It is forbidden to light a fire, use a barbecue, throw garbage around the premises without using dustbins, bring or use glass bottles or any other glass container.
  • No weapons, knives, sticks, or blunt instruments are allowed in the Park.
  • Guests are kindly requested to wear proper clothing to walk around the Park. It is not possible to walk into cafés and nearby areas in topless. A sarong or a t-shirt is strongly recommended.
  • No fights, vandalism, insulting, harassment, drugs, drunkenness, rallies, or any other behaviours not complying with public security rules are allowed. Guests are not allowed to sell anything either within the Park or in the parking lots.
  • The Park management is not responsible for any mugging, thefts, damages to personal belongings within the Park. It is highly recommended not to leave those belongings unattended. The Park cannot be responsible for any damages to vehicles in the parking lots, nor for thefts of accessories and objects in those vehicles.
  • The company uses video-surveillance systems in some of the areas of the Park to ensure people’s safety, to safeguard its properties and avoid illicit actions. The security staff only can view these images or the authorities and police officers, whenever requested. Moreover, those photos taken in some of the attractions are sold as a memory of the day to the Guests.
  • Any violators will be sent away from the Park, and the Management has the right to report everything to public authorities, especially in the most serious cases.


  • In order to ensure your safety and wealth, we ask you to respect the park regulation available at all cashier’s desks and info points and to comply with the staff’s instructions. Each workern at the Park can in anytime reprimand violators.
  • Pools and slides are designed to ensure the utmost safety of all users, both children and adults. It is highly recommended to respect all rules and instructions, hanging at every entrance. Children must always be under control. Acquatica Park takes no responsibility for those minors in the Park without an adult with them.
  • The use of all attractions and structures within the Park presumes the knowledge and acceptance of their specific regulations and requirements and of this general regulation.
  • In case of accidents, sudden illnesses, losses, etc., we suggest you to apply to the park personnel or any info point.
  • Any individual accompanying a disabled person has to apply to the info point of the Park, before entering the attraction with the disabled person.
  • The Guests must get all the necessary information about possible weather or technical problems or issues related to the foreseen stream of people for the day and on the general use of the Park and its services, before buying the tickets.


  • Any Guests with skin, infectious or contagious diseases or with not completely healed wounds, as well as those with bandages or patches are not allowed to enter into pools.
  • Younger Guests must use suitable diapers or water-resistant sanitary bathing suits.
  • Shoes different from rubber slippers, flip-flops or others are not allowed in the pools and showers.
  • Before entering the pools, it is necessary to take a shower. After it, it is highly recommended.
  • It is forbidden to enter the pool with sun creams, oils, cosmetics or other substances altering the pool water.
  • People with long hair must enter the pool with their hair up and use suitable bands.
  • In the showers, and/or toilets, NO shaving, waxing, dyeing, peeling, etc. is allowed.
  • It is not allowed to enter pools when wearing any clothing different from the traditional one, generally used in a swimming pool (bathing suits and burkini made of suitable fabric), in compliance with the Italian health and sanitary rules.
  • It is also forbidden to swim, sunbathing or walk around the Park naked.


  • No free diving is allowed.
  • No dives from the borders of all pools are allowed.
  • Slides must be used only in compliance with the specific rules hanging near the premise. It is forbidden to slide down standing, bending, flipping, or similar: it is very dangerous!
  • It is forbidden to run around the premises, push other people into the water, to play violently or make any action causing damages or incidents to individuals or objects.
  • No masks, snorkels, flippers, or others are allowed, unless with prior authorization from the Park staff, but only in the swimming pool and without harassing or hurting other swimmers.
  • No balls of any dimensions, frisbees, boomerangs or similar items in the pools and in other structures are allowed, unless in specifically addressed areas with prior authorization from the Park staff.
  • The use of electrical devices (Walkman, CD-players, Mp3 players, etc.) is not allowed near pools and other attractions: it is very dangerous!
  • In case of storms, you must get out of the water.


  • The entry ticket is personal and cannot be sold. Once stamped at the entrance, it cannot be refunded anymore.
  • In case of maintenance, bad weather or unpredictable events taking to an early closure of the premises or the missing functioning of the attractions, even if partial, no refund (partial or full) of the entry ticket, or the use of the same ticket on another date is possible.
  • It is possible to leave the park and enter again within the same day, only with a stamp on one hand (at the park entrance). In case of no stamp, it is not possible to get in again.
  • It is possible for the Park Management to suspend the entry to the Guests in case the Park is already too crowded.
  • The Acquatica Park management has the possibility to change the opening times, the calendar and the entry fees without prior notice.
  • The purchase of the entry ticket foresees the full acceptance of this General Regulation and no refunds are possible after the purchase.