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Acquatica Park: the best trip for your parish

Summer Oratory 2024 will be very special! In the midst of the hustle and bustle,often hectic and confusing in which even children and young people are immersed, there is a place and time to understand that life instead has a direction and a destination and that it is the Lord who shows the way.

«GoGo - You will show me the path of life" is the title of Summer Oratory 2024 presented to oratory leaders and coordinators who received the new project and learned about the structure of the diocesan proposal for the summer in the oratory.

Thus began the journey that will lead to the daily participation of thousands of boys and girls in the summer adventure of the oratories, which this year will invite everyone to "set out" on a special pilgrimage. The children will be invited each day to recognize those "steps" that trace the path of a life lived in pursuit of happiness.
So here then, even the playful and festive experience of the water park, among slides and pools, will be in continuity with the style of the days structured in the oratory, sharing the FOM proposal with the other oratories present and living the day in the sign of celebration at Acquatica Park!

Summer 2024's Aquatica Park days will feature "ViaVai" animation characteristic of the 2024 Summer Oratory proposal

Parish Youth Clubs special fees with dedicated discount



from Tuesday to Friday



from Monday to Friday



only on Monday

  N.B.: Free ticket for group leader plus 1 free entrance after 50 people, free entrance also for the bus driver
  NB: Rates not applicable on holidays (all weekends and August 5-16)


From Saturday, July 20 to Friday, Sept. 6, for reservations and information contact the
Aquatica Park Secretariat:
E-mail Tel. 02 48200134 - 02 40918363

ACQUATICA PARK – the water home of parish youth clubs is located in Via Gaetano Airaghi, 61 – 20153 Milano – Italy






We confirm the attention to the parish... and Acquatica Park feels like home

Starting June 10, each day will be set to the rhythm, thanks to the educators, Fom and CSI animators to the rhythm of the "summer oratory" hymns, marking the days through the prayer itinerary of the project itself and the whole thing will be enriched by the setting in which all the kids will be able to recognize the logo of Summer Oratory 2024.
The special attentions to the oratories are reconfirmed and strengthened with the reservation service in Fom, the dedicated entrance, lunch for church chaperones, the figures of reference who will be available during the day for any support (with phone number active the entire day).

Fom animators and suggested activities will be available at Acquatica Park until July 19. After this date, the special rate dedicated to speakers will still remain valid, and it will be possible to enter the park starting at 10 a.m. 
NB: Rates not applicable on holidays (all weekends and August 5-16)


Parish youth clubs with previous reservation will be welcomed by FOM's staff that will be available to help you during the entrance and throught the entire day.

FOM's staff

FOM's staff chief will be present at the park exclusively dedicated to parish youth clubs.


Particular care will be dedicated to the animation:
During the day there is a theme animation of the Summer parish youth club. 


Every day there is a moment of prayer:
There will be a moment of prayer linked to the Summer Oratory, led by a priest.


The ecclesiastical guide and the lay person in charge (1 every 50 Paganti) are entitled to free admission and free lunch/ drink at the park bar (upon presentation of a voucher to be requested at the time of payment directly at the Park Cashier).


Anche per l’autista del pullman sono previsti l’ingresso gratuito al parco e la consumazione gratuita presso il bar del parco (dietro presentazione di un voucher da richiedere al momento del ritiro del biglietto di ingresso direttamente alle Casse del Parco).